Bep Eatery

800 Lasalle Ave, Suite 211 , Minneapolis,Minnesota 55402, United States

Build-your-own pho & noodle dishes are offered at this Vietnamese spot with a contemporary interior.

Vietnamese street food  Simple, fresh ingredients, made-to-order, the way you want it. Choose from our four classic Vietnamese street foods.   VIETNAMESE FOOD Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Loved for it's balance of aromatics, colors, textures and flavors. Each of our dishes have Ying and Yang qualities, often found in Asian food. Common ingredients include fresh herbs, vegetables, noodles and meat (tofu too!).   Caterin...READ MORE

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800 Lasalle Ave, Suite 211 , Minneapolis
Minnesota 55402, United States

Phone Number : 1(612) 338-5189

Operating Hours : Monday-Friday | 11am to 2pm.


  • Currently no reveiw available.