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At DinersCoupon.com, we take pride in being a world leading site that offers the most comprehensive range of offers order food online, book a table and free discount coupons, menus and dining destinations throughout the World including the US. Our site features an advanced search box to assist our site visitors in finding their desired restaurants serving their favorite cuisine in any state across the USA. As a matter of fact, visitors can also search for restaurants in close vicinity based on the time of day at which they wish to grab their meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We serve you; the customers/the foodies

a) Our aim is to serve you with the best discounted deals at your favorite restaurants and food outlets.

b) We offer discount coupons with 2 at price of 1 deals and up-to 50% off deals on widest range of menus & dining destinations.

c) We offer you nearly 500,000 opportunities to save big on food, with the widest coverage in over 10,000+ cities across US and the rest of the world.

d) We offer complete information of all restaurants, including their location, the menu served there and special events scheduled in the coming days.

e) We also offer booking and reservations facilities, genuine reviews about services offered, free download of Discount Coupons offered at these restaurants, all at no cost to our esteemed customers like you.

We also serve them; the restaurant owners

a) When we serve our customers by helping them find great restaurants for their meals, we are also serving the owners of those restaurants as a consequence by directing more customers to their eatery.

b) We offer an easy and non-costly solution for restaurant owners to bring in new customers through discount coupons advertised on our site DinersCoupon.com.

c) Restaurant owners who are smart enough to understand the potential in this opportunity, waste no further time and get into a partnership with us to boost their sales.

d) Over the years, this association with restaurant owners has crossed the 50,000 mark, which is a great testimony to the lucrative nature of this opportunity.

e) For all our associate restaurants, we offer Multilingual Translator, 4 to 10 custom designed WebPages with Homepage, discount coupon offers, menus served along with pricing, hours of operations, specials events, entertainment options and Wines & Beers menu served at the restaurant.

f) We also offer a location Map of the restaurants for easy access to the guests. All associate restaurants can manage their web pages provided by us on their own, and also upload menus and images on the site to advertise their services better among target clients.

g) We also offer management and update of these web pages for restaurants at a paltry cost of $1 a day or $365 for a year with no other hidden costs and there is never a contract or renewal fee.


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Penny Mcafee

This is the very best place for coffee, baked goods,breakfast or lunch. Awesome staff!!!! Treat yourself to a wonderful dinning experience. on 01 May, 2018

Penny Mcafee

The drive up window is just a plus compared to the food here. Generous portions. Great prices. Grand staff. The place to visit for a wonderful dinning experience. on 01 May, 2018

Karl Thompson

Great Place to eat one of Canton finest the shish kabob the race amazing great service and the owner mark will treat you like family on 01 May, 2018


Fantastic selection of food for breakfast and lunch. For our out of town Guests, near the Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio and close to Belden Village. on 01 May, 2018

Julie Wilkes

I travel to new cities often, and it can be stressful, and time-consuming to know where to go to grab something on the fly or plan a fancy meal(or anything inbetween)... Diners Coupon helps me to know where to find the best food, get the best prices and not have to wait on it- it caters to my preferences and time. This site makes it easy to enjoy being in a new city and not overwhelmed trying to f... on 01 May, 2018