The primary and sole purpose behind setting up this site DinersCoupon.com is to serve the interests of both users/customers or patrons who are interested in finding a great place to eat, and restaurant owners who are looking forward to serve the customers with lip smacking preparations at their restaurants. This section is designed to help both the users of our site who join DinersCoupon.com as associate members, and it tries to answer the most common queries related to the functionalities of this site in general.

Question no. 1: Is DinersCoupon.com a free site?

Answer: Yes, DinersCoupon.com offers free coupons on dining at food outlets across US as well as the entire globe. Using our site is quite easy and it is absolutely free to join. You can do it in 3 very simple steps

1. Browse the discount coupons given on our site

2. Select the coupons that you would like to avail

3. Click the Print Coupon button to print the discount coupon and present it at food outlets where the coupon is accepted.

Question no. 2: Why the Membership to this site free of cost?

Answer: We are often asked this question by customers, and some even suspect us to be a scam because we offer our site membership free-of-cost. The fact of the matter is that the membership of our site is free of cost because we are not looking to earn from the customers and the restaurant owners. In contrast, we are looking to generate more traffic to our site so that the vacant ad spaces on our site are utilized more often by Google Ad sense, which is actually the prime revenue earner from our web site DinersCoupon.com.

We promote restaurants and their services on our site, and foodies flock to our site to avail discount coupons valid to avail at these restaurants. This way, we are not only helping the restaurants by sending more customers, but also offering big savings on dining to the foodies on their most favorite meals at the finest restaurants around. And this way, we are also attracting more and more traffic on our site dinersCoupon.com, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the equation.

Question no. 3: How can I sign up on DinersCoupon.com?

Answer: Signing up on the site is extremely easy and doesn’t even take long. The whole purpose of signing up is to confirm that the person joining the site is actually a real user. All you have to do is enter some basic information on the sign-up form and setup a user-ID and password and furnishing your email account.

First a verification mail will be sent to confirm the authenticity of your email account, and then you will become a registered member of our site from that point onwards. Please be assured that the information furnished by you at the time of signing up is completely safe and secure with us, and it will never be at any point shared with a third party without your prior consent.

Question no. 4: What are the benefits of registering as a member on DinersCoupon.com?

Answer: Signing up on our site can be greatly beneficial for you if you are a foodie who loves dining out with friends and family members to enjoy the wide range of delicacies served across restaurants in your city. Joining our site will help you in grabbing the biggest discount deals on menus and restaurants registered at our site, and save you a considerable amount of money on food bills.

Moreover, there are other benefits of joining our site as a member as well, which include:

1. Manage you discount coupons better with a registered account on our site

2. Facility to subscribe to our regular newsletters for latest news on discounts at restaurants

3. Facility to set customized store alerts on your favorite deals

4. Facility to search your favorite deals on our site through a search box

5. Convenience of linking your credit or debit cards for online payments on home deliveries

Question no. 5: Can I also access this site through my Smartphone?

Answer: Yes, you can also access our site DinersCoupon.com through the browser installed in your Smartphone, or you can also access our site by installing our App on your mobile phone. Our app is available for download on Android and I-Phone and can be easily downloaded in the respective stores of the Operating systems running these phones. For android phones, you can download our app absolutely free from the Play Store, and for I-phones, you can download our app from the Apple Store.

Question no. 6: What if the discount code doesn’t apply at the time of checkout?

Answer: Yes, there can be instances like this, but you don’t need to worry. If the discount code does not apply at the time of checkout, then there can only be two reasons behind this problem. The first reason could be that the discount code is no longer valid for the deal you are buying at this point, and the second reason could be that you have entered a wrong discount code by mistake at the time of checkout.

Question no. 7: Should I really print my discount coupon?

Answer: Printing the discount coupon or not printing it primarily depends on the purchase you are making on the site. Printing the coupon can definitely be a great idea when you don’t intend to make an online payment, and pay at the restaurant where you wish to go out for dining with your family and friends. Carrying a printed copy of the coupon at the restaurant will help you in getting that discount at the time when you are paying the bill.

For people who do not have a printer at home or office to print their coupons, they can use their Smartphones. For this, they just have to go to DinersCoupon.com and get their free Coupon code sent straight to their Smartphone, which they can present to avail the discount when paying at the restaurant.

Generally, most people would prefer to present their discount coupons on phone rather than printing out a copy from the printer. This is not only less cumbersome for them, but environment friendly as well.

Question no. 8: Are there any specific guidelines for use of coupons?

Answer: Yes there are some simple guidelines which are actually in place to help you make the most out of your discount coupons.

These guidelines are:

1. Actual coupons are never displayed on screen; they only display an offer to print it.

2. Real coupons require proper barcodes and limited number of prints for each coupon.

3. Print coupons only from renowned coupon sites like DinersCoupon.com that you can trust.

3. Keep away from sites that offer coupon-swapping and post images of actual coupons on their sites.

4. Never make a payment for a coupon.

5. Don't purchase coupons from auctioning sites.

6. Only use those coupons you have printed for use from DinersCoupon.com.

7. Also check the printed coupon for a unique serial number.

8. Please do NOT share discount coupons that you have printed from your computer.

9. Please go through our Terms of Use for more clarity on use of coupons.