Referral program

This is great opportunity to benefit from our referral program and earn extra cash with a little bit of effort.

Since Word of mouth promotion is one of the most effective ways of promoting a concept or an idea among people, you can easily promote the benefits of our site to the business owners you interact with on a daily basis and give yourself a great chance to be part of this win-win equation. The business owners will win when they would join our site as business associates and advertise their business on our site among the thousands of visitors who visit our site everyday to grab their free dining coupons at And you will also benefit when any business will join our site as associate member on your reference. That’s precisely the reason why we like to call this opportunity a Win-Win opportunity, not just for you but also for the businesses you will be bringing to join our site as associates.

An opportunity to earn extra Cash with our referral program!

When you refer a business to associate with and advertise their products and services on our site, you will also get a great opportunity to earn some extra cash as well.

All you have to do is to impress business owners about the benefits of associating with our site as associate members, and also show them the heavy traffic arriving on our site on a regular basis to grab their favorite discounts.

  • Every time a business joins as an associate of on your reference, you will receive a reward of $50.00.
  • So the more business owners you can convince to join us as associates, the more rewards you shall stand to earn along the way.
  • And there is no ceiling on the number of businesses you can refer to join as associates on our site.
  • This means that you can keep on earning a reward of $50.00 again and again with a little ingenuity and smartness, and a good circle of friends around you who run their own business.

So go ahead and devise a sound strategy to refer new businesses to join our site as associates, and earn $50.00 for each business associating with our site on your reference. Payments for new business’s joining will be sent out immediately to you as soon as we receive a complete signed contract.