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How to Eat Like an Epicurean in Chicago

If you love good food, Chicago is the city for you. The food scene is really varied here — gourmet restaurants, food trucks, legendary pizza joints, sushi bars, and every cuisine that you can think of. The only problem is the money. The more affordable places may be easy, but how does one cover the starred restaurants, the new bold chefs or those jazzy bars that everyone is talking about?

Here’s one clue: food coupons Chicago and we have a short primer on how you can get the most amazing food in the city for less:

  • Find a food coupon site.
  • Look for different cuisines. Choose the one you are in the mood for, be it Spanish or Vietnamese. We recommend that you try every cuisine the city has to offer. After all any epicurean worth his salt would know the best cuisines of the world!
  • Alternatively, keep a tab of food blogs, critic columns in the newspapers to find out which restaurant is making the buzz, the hottest chefs in the city and where can you find the most happening food. You can also search for an eatery directly.
  • Read the review of other diners. Yes, an epicurean should have the confidence of making up his/her own mind, but it never hurts to find out what others are saying! Plus, these are genuine feedbacks from diners who have paid their own hard-earned money to eat here. It will give you a better idea about whether a place is just glitz or if it is backed by genuinely good food.
  • Many of these sites have free coupons. So, get food coupons Chicago for your chosen place and enjoy your meal!