Barmini By José Andrés

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About Restaurant

Minibar, a two Michelin-starred restaurant, is a study in avant-garde cooking where each bite is designed to thrill the senses by pushing the limits of what we have come to expect - and what is possible - from food. The creations combine art and science, as well as tradition and technique, to deliver an imaginative and progressive tasting menu, offered at a communal setting for up to 6 guests. View our Gallery for a peek inside our experience.
José’s Table, a private dining room adjacent to the Chef's Counter, is an exclusive dining experience designed for a single party of up to six guests. José's Table gives you the opportunity to enjoy minibar from an entirely different perspective, offering a peek into José's newest creations and ideas, as well as unique and rare wine pairings.


501 9th St NW, Washington DC
20004, United States

Phone Number : 1(202) 393-4451

Operating Hours : Tue - Sat 5:30 pm - 12:00 am, Sun - Mon Closed.


  • Currently no reveiw available.