Marketing Services

Here at Diner’s Coupon, we pride ourselves on our first-class, personalised marketing services. We cater diligently to each of our vendors & merchants requirements on a completely individual basis. The first step is listening attentively to the nuances of your particular marketing campaign needs and objectives. Once we’ve established the specifics of what you aim to achieve (e.g. target audience, nature of customer acquisition etc), our team of expert marketeers will commence your personalised marketing operation.

Our platform provides 360 degrees of online marketing solutions, lassoing all possible avenues at the internet’s disposal. We incorporate a number of highly effective approaches including:

  • Display online advertising through Google Display Networks, which has the ability to reach over 1 million different apps and websites. This helps us build your online ad far more efficiently than traditional means, saving you vast sums of capital which can then be used for more productive purposes. These ads can be run anywhere across the globe, support a vast image library (1000+ images), allow a global or more locally targeted reach and utilise advanced audience targeting techniques to help us achieve our goal of driving your target audience to your website.
  • We have incorporated Google Analytics into our platform, offering us a much deeper analysis and understanding of the traffic trends to your website and the drivers behind these trends. This helps us to direct our focus to exponentially increase your web traffic.
  • Our website builder is one of the most efficient in existence, allowing us to create an unlimited number of unique and secure landing pages at a relatively low cost to your company. In a matter of minutes, we can get your website or landing page live and start directing potential customers your way.
  • Our incredibly intuitive automated e-mail marketing system allows us to create unlimited e-mail campaigns in order to build your brand, acquire large numbers of leads and turn them into customers – reaching a larger audience, more efficiently and at a much lower cost than conventional e-mail campaigns. Our lightning fast e-mail delivery system can combine a variation of flexible time-sequenced drip campaigns, which will include high resolution images and clickable links – all driven by cookies to make sure we are targeting the desired audience. This method increases our lead to customer ratio astronomically.
  • Our social media gurus will take the lead in applying our marketing force to social media sites across the world – including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn& many more. The billions of daily social media users across the world make this an incredibly effective technique.

When it comes to our marketing campaigns we leave no stone unturned and our genius marketeers absolutely love what they do, making them incredibly effective in their goal of acquiring as many new customers for your business as possible. We can cover your marketing needs from top-to-bottom completely independently, or we can keep you in the loop if so desired so you can gain an understanding of where we are taking your brand’s online presence.

So, what are you waiting for?

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